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Replacing your roof can be expensive, and especially so if you don’t choose the right roofer. That’s why you need to pick an experienced contractor who is fully licensed and insured and who also has an excellent track record.

A typical home’s roof may need to be re-shingled every 15-20 years depending on where you live. Here in Texas, heat and sunlight will crack and wear down a roof over time, plus strong winds can make replacing your shingles a necessity.

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AMERICAN EAGLE ROOFING offers a variety of materials for homeowners to choose from. We install wood shakes, clay tile and even slate, as well as installing the practical choice of asphalt shingles.

We’re dedicated to educating our customers on their roofing needs and we thank you for taking the time to look through our site and see what we have to offer. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed and making sure your roofing needs are done right. Give us a call – you’ll be glad you did!