Wood Roof Repair
Exceptional Wood Roof Repair And Maintenance
Across Lockhart TX And Neighboring Areas

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Wood roofing has a rustic, natural look that ages beautiful and has been used to protect homes which is a true testament to its reliability. Because it is light in weight, but yet so durable, all of our wood roofing is made from cedar. Cedar will have to be pressure washed or it will weather to a gray color in several months. Cedar is a long lasting product and this graying is natural and often desired aesthetically. If it is properly maintained you can expect approximately 30 years from shakes and 20 years from wood shingles.

You can choose from two types of wood roofing:

There are wood shingles and and wood shakes. The wood shingles are smooth, flat, have cleaner lines, and the courses are straight. The wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles, which give them a longer warranty. The surface of the shakes are grooved from the slitting process and have a more rustic and random look.

Wood roofing is not the least expensive option; however, the visual appeal and the natural protection from the weather has made them a popular choice in many areas.

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